Training Policy

One of the most important factors of Beşiktaş Shipyard Inc. organization that make a difference in the sector is the training and development opportunities that we generate for our employees.based on our approach of ‘raising human resources at the right time, in the right place and the appropriate competencies’, we organize professional and personal development trainingto increase the level of knowledge and skills of our employees throughout the year.

We aim our employees to learn continuously, improve themselves and their work by assuming responsibility for their development, and our manager to support their employeesby coaching and mentoringprocess and to guide them. Respectively, we create our training schedule by analyzing training needs periodically during the year. As well as the trainings needed, we evaluate the training, seminars, congresses, conferences, and forumsrequested by our employees and make assessments for their attendance.

  • Orientation Trainings
  • Professional Trainings
  • Technical Trainings
  • Quality Standards Trainings
  • Environmental Trainings
  • First Aid Trainings
  • Fire Trainings

We, as Beşiktaş Shipyard, deliver professional and technical trainings with 4 different training rooms with an average capacity of 50 people and 18 instructors specialized in their fields.

Besides, we provide our employees to be trained as first-aiders with Besiktas First Aid Center that was established through the protocol that we have concluded with the Health Directorate.