BWTS & Scrubber Installation


With the entry into force of the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention on 8 September 2017, substantial number of vessels are required to install a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) by 8 September 2024. Beşiktaş Shipyard is upgraded and extended its facilities to meet the arisen demand in the market. With a successful engineering study and preparation period, the yard can complete full installation within optimum time subject to early delivery of arrangement plans and drawings. Separate pipe fabrication areas are serving for isometric spool fabrications and yard can manage up to 6 BWTS installations simultaneously.

Yard also can offer detailed engineering study and 3D scanning solutions limited to workload capacity. Besiktas signed a contract for 3D scanning and feasibility works for BWTS projects with below companies:

  • Wartsila, Finland (supported by Turkey office)
  • Argonavis, Greece
  • Neptun Ship Design, Germany
  • Hyundai Global Service, S. Korea

Also additionally Besiktas signed a contract for acting as the authorized installation point in Turkey for these BWTS makers:

  • Wartsila
  • Ecochlor
  • Hyundai Global Service (HHI)


A scrubber is a device installed in the exhaust system after the engine or boiler that treats exhaust gas with a variety of substances, which may include seawater, chemically treated freshwater or dry substances, to remove most of the SOx from the exhaust and reduce PM. After passing through the scrubber system, the compliant exhaust is released to the atmosphere.

Beşiktaş Shipyard is working on the system for 3 years and become the most active yard for scrubber installations. Inhouse GRE/GRVE workshops, SMO pipe workshop, roof closed storage areas, training from authorized companies for installations are only some of the implemented investments to provide better service. The yard can manage 3 scrubber installation simultaneously and have the capacity to install 40 scrubber per year.