Pearl River

  • Customer: DEME
  • Period: December 2014
Pearl River

Vessel Type: Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

Description: Extensive Dry Docking and Repair Works


  • Steel works (50 t.) on aft peak, hopper area, keelson, deck, rubber channels, bottom doors and tanks.
  • Overhauling of sea, overboard and intermediate valves (30.000 mm.)
  • Cleaning of all fuel, fresh water and lub oil tanks.
  • Dismantling and overhauling of propeller hub and propeller shaft friction clutch
  • Overhauling of dredge pump clutches.
  • Dismantling of bottom doors (52 pcs), renewal of seals, studs and bushes, welding of new flat bars, pressure testing and alignment.
  • Replacement of lower stem sections (Diam: 16”, L:80m.)
  • Dismantling and overhauling of trailing suction pipes and dragheads (31 t.)
  • Replacement of delivery line pipes (Diam: 1100mm.)
  • Replacement of hydraulic overflow cylinders and movable duct of overflows.
  • Renewal of fixed part of overflow ducts (OD:2060 mm., L:6000mm.)
  • Overhauling and reconditioning of trunnion gantry service frames
  • Extensive pipe works.
  • Overhauling of jet pump electric motors.
  • Reconditioning of dredge pump suction and spare covers (Diam: 2827 mm.)