• Customer: Grimaldi Group
  • Period: January 2015

Vessel Type: Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo Ship

Description: Extensive flat bottom steel renewal and complete refurbishment of engine room due to flooding.


  • Flat bottom steel replacement due to grounding damage (600 t.)
  • Stripping of all effected pipes and machinery items in engine room
  • Replacement of all insulation in engine room
  • Replacement of all electrical cables (180 km) in engine room
  • Complete overhauling and reconditioning of Main Engines (4 units)
  • Removal and overhauling of gearboxes (2 units)
  • Renewal of boilers (2 units)
  • Reconditioning and overhauling of effected pumps and electrical motors
  • Cleaning and painting of engine room walls and ceiling
  • Testing and commissioning of systems