Environment & Energy



We as Beşiktaş Tersane A.Ş., we committed that we will adopt eco-friendly technologies & applications in our actions and we will select the methods that will reduce the effects of our actions to minimum, we will prevent to occur environmental pollution during our actions, we will respect to all national and international legal regulations about environment.

For this purpose our environmental policy is;

  •    To take all necessary precautions to maintain the ecosystem and bio-diversity that we interact in our all actions and to sustain the livable environment,
  •  To take action by considering and evaluating the effects on nature in the planning of production processes,
  •   To ensure the collecting of waste separately in its source according to its types by reducing the occurred amount of wastes to lowest level, to increase the recycling,
  •   To reduce the natural resource consumption to the lowest level by adopting the usage of sustainable resource,
  •  To reduce the consumption of raw materials to lowest level by making the planning in production stage with minimum wastage,
  •  To provide training to all of our employees about environmental aspects of the works they do and inform them,
  •   To make drills for struggle with possible emergency situations effectively and to provide continuous improvement by evaluating the results of drill,
  • To improve environmental performance and to ensure continuous improvement of the environmental management system.



In Besiktas Shipyard we believe that it is necessary to leave a more liveable world to future generations.

In this regard, our energy policy includes:

•             Continuous improvement of the system by providing the necessary infrastructure and resources to increase the performance and efficiency of the energy management system processes by following the practices and results, to ensure energy efficiency while carrying out our activities in the works we undertake, to set targets for the use and consumption of energy resources, periodically review them,

•             Fullfilling the requirements by following the legal regulations and conditions regarding the energy management system,

•             Increasing the energy awareness of its employees and stakeholders, to raise awareness by using internal communication resources regarding the consumption and efficient use of energy resources

•             Following the necessary technological developments and manage the change processes in order to ensure the effective use of energy resources in line with our corporate vision and energy management strategy,

•             Ensuring that the design and procurement processes are carried out with an energy efficiency focus in order to improve energy performance.


Environment & Energy
Environment & Energy
Environment & Energy
Environment & Energy