Our Environmental Policy

As Besiktas Shipyard, we committed to implement eco-friendly technologies and practices, deploy methods to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, prevent environmental pollution during our activities and comply with all national and international environmental legislations.

In this regard, our environmental policy includes;

  • Taking all necessary measures to protect the biodiversity and the ecosystem which we interact in our entire activities, and sustain the habitable environment,
  • Taking action throughout the planning of production processes by considering and evaluating the environmental impacts,
  • Ensuring collection of wastes through classification and separation conducted at the source in accordance with their sorts by means of minimizing the amount of waste generated, and promoting recycling and reuse,
  • Minimizing the consumption of natural resources by adopting sustainable resource utilization,
  • Minimizing raw material consumption by proactive planning at the production phase so as to yield minimum waste,
  • Training and informing all our employees regarding the environmental aspects of their work,
  • Conducting drills to deal with possible emergencies effectively and evaluating the results of the drills to ensure continuous improvement,
  • Improving the environmental performance and ensuring continuous improvement of the environmental management system.