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Izmit Bay Bridge / 15.02.2014

The bridge will be located at the eastern end of the Sea of Marmara, close to İzmit and approximately 50km from Istanbul, Turkey. It will be the second largest suspension bridge in the world by length of central span. Crossing the Bay of İzmit, the bridge (and connecting highway) will provide 3 lanes of traffic in either direction. The total length of the bridge is to be 3.3 kilometers, with a main span of 1,688 meters.

The design will ensure that the completed bridge will be a work of high aesthetic integrity, and a striking feature within the local landscape and seascape. Its constituent components harmonize well with one another in terms of their geometric configuration, colour, and finish.

The bridge girder, with its delicate and aerodynamically refined deck edge, will be perceived as an elegant ribbon of motorway suspended above the water, before transitioning over the transition piers and approach spans to land. Transition piers and anchor blocks relate well aesthetically to one another and to the bridge as a whole, and serve to reinforce the aesthetic lightness and elegance of the span.

Motorists crossing the bridge will be afforded beautiful views of the simple, yet characteristic towers, and their views toward the surrounding hills and landscape will not be impeded or blocked by the very transparent windscreen structure. Construction is expected to be completed in 2017.

Visualization Video:

Specifications: Izmit Bay Bridge – Vugro.pdf

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