Besiktas Shipyard

Besiktas Shipyard as a Reliable Service Location for PCC, Ro-Pax and Ro-Ro Vessels / 15.08.2013

Besiktas Shipyard keeps on breaking the routine with its growing reputation and quality provided during the projects in the new shipyard area. Apart from regular dry docking services, there have been many complicated conversion, modification and damage recovering projects within year 2013.

Yard has improved experience on PCC, Ro-Pax and Ro-Ro type vessels with a total of completed 23 units in the last 3 years; 11 units in 2011, 7 units in 2012, 5 units in 2013 and additionally 4 upcoming projects are already planned for August this year.

Conversion of a Grimaldi owned Ro-Pax vessel M/V Euroferry Brindisi (Ex. Finnarow) to increase capacity with new recreation areas where 500 tons of new steel were fitted and recovering the fire damage on an STX owned PCC (STX Changxing Rose 2) by replacing around 450 tons of steel on car decks, were the major projects in 2013.

At the end of 2013, Besiktas Shipyard will have 27 units of PCC, Ro-Pax and Ro-Ro vessels in its track record where the owners are Grimaldi of Italy, MOL of Japan, STX of Korea, Gram Car Carriers/OSM of Norway, Sallaum Lines of Lebanon, UN and Ulusoy of Turkey.

Yard’s panamax size graving dock is quite suitable for PCC, Ro-Pax and Ro-Ro vessels, supported with in house workshops and advanced machinery. Besiktas has dedicated mechanical teams for ramp works and experienced painting teams for special paint types like silicone painting.

Last 3 years made Besiktas Shipyard a reliable service location for the PCC and similar vessels which are trading nearby. It is very likely to see these types of vessels in or around the yard very often.